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Our mission is to democratize creativity with AI, starting from language & voice as key of communication.

Video Production





Expanding voice to enterprise, combining with custom LLM apps for streamlined productivity.

voice cloning

Personalized marketing with multilingual voice

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Self-service of HR functions via chatbots & automation

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We research secure & private GenAI solutions with multimodal capabilities tailored for enterprise needs.

Multimodal Capabilities

customized knowledges

voice generation

report generation

image generation

vision extraction

data visualization

video analytics


talk with documents


Introducing Genova

Speech AI to transcribe, understand audio and build real-time conversation voicebots.

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Voice Studio

Powering any content in any language with voice

Dubbing Studio

Localize your content to reach global audience


Discover AI quiz generator for edu creator


Build your own AI assistant secure & private


Transcribe & understand millions of audio

Ethical Use

At Soca AI, we prioritize ethical use of our AI voice technology. We protect privacy, secure data, and provide transparency. Fairness and bias mitigation are crucial, and we hold ourselves accountable for responsible use. We continuously improve and engage with experts to ensure ethical deployment and governance. Our goal is to maximize positive impact while minimizing risks and harm.

What Creative
Leaders Are Saying

Unbelievable! After over 40 years managing IPs in the entertainment industry, I can't believe this technology exists. With SOCA’s Generative AI voice, I'm taking my IP portfolio to the next level, achieving results beyond my wildest expectations.

Lavesh Samtani
Movie Producer / Founder REC Media
and 13 Entertainment

We're partnering with SOCA AI to shape the future of video content, excited about the opportunities ahead. We truly value their contribution in taking Dailymotion to new heights!

Derian Laks
Country Director Dailymotion Indonesia

I’m a big believer in the pioneering role of tech in marketing and education. We at Marketeers are lucky to work together with SOCA, a deep tech company from Indonesia, with an eye for innovation in the field of generative AI. SOCA’s goal is to create human-like characters with natural voices and augmented capabilities, which will prove to be extremely useful in the near future.

Iwan Setiawan
Marketer, Author and CEO of Marketeers

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