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Why choose us?

Human-Like Voices

Experience a new way of hearing stories narrated with emotion and clarity, making the content engaging & relatable.


Save time and effort with auto-scraping scripts that fetch the latest news from multiple sources.

Custom Playback

Tailor your news experience with customizable play buttons. Choose your preferred style, color, and placement.

Seamless Integration

Simply copy and paste our embedded code to seamlessly integrate our AI-powered news reader into your platform.

How to use Audio Web

Step 1

Input URL

Simply paste the news article URL, and our AI will efficiently scrape the data for you.

Step 2


The magic of our AI as it seamlessly translates text into captivating audio narration.

Step 3

Embed Button

Embed player button of the audio, making it effortless to distribute across your platforms.

Audio Web Tutorial

Watch this tutorial to learn how to read a news with AI

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