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Voice Cloning

Unleash authenticity with AI voice cloning.


Why you need to clone
your own voice?

Exclusive & Unique

Exclusive & Unique

Only you can access and use your own voice.

Saving Time & Cost

Saving Time & Cost

<1 minute of audio needed to clone, and of course for free.

Protect Your IP

Protect Your IP

Voice is your most valuable asset. By cloning it, you can make it immortal.

Clone Voices Tutorial

Watch this tutorial to learn how to clone voices


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clone voices?

To create your own AI voice you can go to Personal Voices menu on our platform for instant cloning or creating new characters.

How do I get the perfect cloned voices?

To achieve perfect cloned voices, ensure clear articulation while reading the provided text on our platform and record your voice in a noise-free environment.

Is this feature free?​

Yes, indeed! We offer a free version for monolingual voice cloning, supporting two languages (Bahasa Indonesia and English). If you require additional languages, simply upgrade to Multilingual.

Is this secure?

Yes, it is secure. We will not distribute your voice model without your knowledge, and all voice clones stored in your account belong entirely to you.

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